The Macs

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a little sunshine

No time to blog today.
Soon I will get back to posting more often...
I promise.
But today I am soaking up some sunshine.
And enjoying my little sunshine, Levi.

8.5 x 11  You Are My Sunshine
Image from The Wheatfield

I am loving this print from The Wheatfield.
I think I might need it in my house somewhere.
A little sunshine on one of my walls.

Oh, and besides enjoying the weather,
I am still working on getting all the Cora's orders shipped.
Half of them went out today.
I am hoping to get the other half shipped tomorrow.
I am sorry it is taking so long this time.
Thanks for being patient.

I hope you are able to enjoy a little sunshine today too!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

sharing my story

Just a few things I have been thinking about this week...

Someone asked me to share my story. To share what God has been teaching me over the last year. Wow. Where do I start? God has been teaching me so many life-changing things. But, what are the BIG things that I keep going back to since loosing Cora?

I was talking to a friend about all of this. Trying to collect my thoughts. I wanted to share my story in a way that was meaningful and purposeful, but how do I do that? My friend reminded me of something that is so true. Something that I think I often loose sight of. My story is not powerful. It is a tool that can be used to share truth; a tool that can be used to share God's indescribable hope and grace. But in and of itself it is not life-changing. What is powerful is God's truth. I feel so relieved when I think of sharing my story in that perspective. That is very freeing to me. All I have to do is be faithful to share. God will do the rest. He is the one who is life-changing.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you 
to give the reason for the HOPE that you have.
1 Peter 3:15

I have been pretty emotional this week, just thinking through loosing Cora and how far God has brought me to where I am now. I haven't felt much like writing on my blog. I have just been thinking and reading and praying. A lot. But it has been so good for me to look back on God's faithfulness over the past year. It has been good for me to write down my thoughts. It has been good to read the Word and be reminded of some of God's truths that carried me through this year. I hope to share more with you soon. But for right now, that is where I am at this week.

And just in case you are wondering about Mr. Levi, he is doing good. He is getting quite the personality and we are loving watching him grow. The weather around here has been crazy. Last weekend we were bundling Levi up to go out in the snow. One day this week it was beautiful and felt like spring. Now it is rainy and windy. Yuck! This girl is ready for some sunshine.

I'm sure you have figured this out, but Cora's is sold out. I've received some e-mails asking where the dresses are. Everything is gone. Sorry. I am working on getting all the orders packaged up this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to re-stock soon. Thanks for keeping us so busy!

Okay, I have to go cheer on the Wildcats now. Go K-State!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Cora's is open.

And the West Willow Designs winner...
Niki @ Southern Baby Boutique
I love it all. I would either wait for Christmas cards or some new business cards! Or maybe an invitation for a wedding shower I'm hosting.

Congratulations Niki! Please e-mail me and I will pass your info on to Sonya.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

open monday

I didn't forget about the Cora shop.
I just keep thinking I will get everything done...
and I don't.
How do you Etsy Wonder Women do it??
But everything is ready to go.
Cora's will open on Monday at 10:00am.
I promise. Really.
Until then, here is a peek at what will be in the shop.
A little something blue...

Hope you all are having a great weekend.
See you Monday.

Don't forget to enter the West Willow giveaway here.
Comments close Sunday at midnight.

Friday, March 19, 2010


So, you already know Levi is here...
but here is a peek at his birth announcement.
Let's just pretend I sent them out a long time ago.

photo by Laura Moffat
design by Sonya Marshall

photos by Megan Duerksen
design by Sonya Marshall

Levi's announcements were custom designed by Sonya Marshall at West Willow Designs. She did such an awesome job. I love how they turned out.

West Willow is a design boutique for custom invitations and announcements. I had such a hard time choosing just one because all of Sonya's designs are amazing! And the best part is if you see something you like and want it tweaked, all you have to do is ask. That's what I did and I love what Sonya came up with. West Willow offers digital jpeg designs so that you can print the cards on your own, but she also offers affordable, professional printing. I was very impressed with the printing too!

And guess what?!
Sonya is offering a free design and 50 printed cards to one of my readers!

Here is what you need to do to enter:
1. Visit West Willow Designs and check out Sonya's store.
2. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite design is
what kind of card you would have Sonya design:
baby announcement, save the date, birthday invitations...

Winner chosen at random.
One entry per person please

Comments close on Sunday, March 21 at midnight.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

levi {two months}

Little Levi...

At two months you are not so little anymore. You are growing fast. And you are a BIG boy. You weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces and were 23.5 inches long at your two month appointment. Slow down little guy! You are hungry ALL the time, so it is no wonder you are growing so much. I even had someone at the grocery store ask me if you were 6 months old the other day. Let's just say he isn't very good at identifying baby ages...surely you don't look THAT big!

You are starting to be so much more interactive. We pulled out Cora's Happy Hippo and you loved it just as much as she did. You smile and talk to the toys. You even started waving your little hands and hitting the toys. You especially love the cow...of course.

You are smiling and talking ALL the time. Your smiles are awesome. You make us smile too. And we love talking to you. Your coos and attentiveness make a mama's heart melt.

We haven't quite figured out sleeping during the day. You are usually a cat napper. Sometimes you sleep for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, but not everyday. You sleep great at night though. You are sleeping 7-8 hours now. You usually sleep from 10-5 and then go back to sleep until 7 or 8. Yeah Levi!

You LOVE your car seat. You sleep great in the car which means we can take you pretty much anywhere. You don't always do so good once we get there, but at least you are good in the car!

Your daddy thinks this outfit is a little arrogant, but's true.
You are a cutie.
And so sweet too.
We love you little big Levi.

Monday, March 15, 2010

march madness

We started March Madness up a little early around here.
We made THREE trips to Manhattan this week 
to watch my brother play basketball.
His high school basketball team was playing in the state tournament.

The whole family was there to cheer Owen on.
The students would yell Ooooooo for Owen...
and Ellie would make an O with her hands.

I think all of our cheering paid off.
Actually the boys just played really awesome.
Berean took state this year.
First time ever for the boys.
What a fun way for Owen to end his Senior year.
We are so proud of him.

We waited and waited after the game for Owen.
Ellie, Tripp, and Levi were getting pretty tired.

Can you tell from the picture that it was a long weekend??
Congratulations Owen!
You rock!

Now that the March Madness is over for us 
I have a few lot of things to work on this week...

Get Levi's birth announcements out 
(a little late...they are really cute though)

Spring cleaning 
(it is finally feeling a little like Spring around here
 and I am in the mood to get organized)

Start exercising 
(I am supposed to run in a race next month...
not sure if that will happen)

Open our Etsy shop again 
(the Cora dresses are DONE...
I just need to find time to post everything)

Finish up Cora's for Calla
(PLEASE e-mail me if you haven't paid for your auction item
or you were a giveaway winner...
I haven't heard from everyone yet)

(I promised my husband I would start cooking again...
you know like REALLY cooking...
I got a little lazy and spoiled from all those meals 
that came to our house after Levi was born)

Fill out my bracket...
for the REAL March Madness

Hope you have a good week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

and the winners are...


Wow! There are so many carefully so that you don't miss your name! All giveaway winners were randomly selected. If you won something, please e-mail your name, what you won, & shipping address to  I will get everything in the mail as soon as I can.

March 1
Cordoroy Dress & Flower Onesie - mytwoboys @ 11:31 AM

March 2
Dishwasher Safe Labels - Melissa Abby @ 8:34 AM

March 3
Marble Magnets - Lindsay @ 2:55 PM
Marble Magnets - Kelsey @ 8:08 PM
Spotted Lily Earrings - Jessica Marston @ 2:28 PM
Vintage Rummage Necklace - Tina Coleman @ 10:44 AM
Stellajade Necklace - Kate @ 8:38 PM
Flower Post Earrings - Amanda @ 8:02 AM

March 4
Western Bib - C Golden @ 8:23 AM
Western Bib - Carla @ 11:31 PM
Western Bib - Marsha Hinkle @ 9:40 AM
Farm Swaddle Blanket - Gordon @ 8:37 PM
Farm Swaddle Blanket - Tristan @ 12:01 PM
Flower Clips - Jody @ 10:56 PM
Onesie & Wipes Case - Nancy @ 4:10 PM

March 5
Flower Onesie - Ellen Grant @ 1:18 PM
Flannel Burpies - Merlin @ 10:47 AM
Cutie Crochet Hat - Shannon @ 10:35 AM
Spring Clippie Set - Rachel Vaughn @ 3:32 PM

March 6
Toddler Dress - The Bracks @ 4:59 PM
Felt Clip - Amanda @ 2:06 PM
Felt Clip - Tony & Lindsay @ 4:54 PM
Tag Along - Todd & Courtney @ 2:14 PM
Tag Along - Becki @ 8:10 PM


Thank you so much to all the auction bidders. We were able to raise so much money for Calla and her family. Auction items went to the highest bidder. If you were the highest bidder please make your payments through PayPal.  Go to Under the personal tab there is a send money option. Under send money click on send money online. You can send the money to this address:  If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me at the same address. As soon as I get your payment I will put your item in the mail.

#1 Baby Chenille Hat
Susy - $25

#2 Calla Tutu
Jenny Bogunovich - $48

#3 Princess Onesie
Missy Green - $55

#4 Cora Dress
Al Kruse - $110

#5 Fire Engine Pillow - $60

#6 Monkey Print
Patty - $34

#7 Monster Tee
Nancy - $45

#8 Purse
Deborah - $50

#9 Spotted Lily Earrings
Heather - $22

#10 Faith Necklace
Lori - $38

#11 Stellajade Necklace
Alexa - $25

#12 Stellajade Earrings
Kacie - $25

#13 Flower Post Earrings
MaryBeth - $26

#14 Scarf
JenniferNe - $30

#15 Toddler Apron
Ashley - $44

#16 Tooth Fairy Pillow
Amanda Balzer - $45

#17 Knit Hat
Jenni Lynn - $45

#18 Sleep Sac
Jessica Gramm - $33

#19 Little Star Canvas
Megan J - $46

#20 Hooded Towel
Dina - $32

#21 Crayon Roll-Up
Kristin Stegent - $37

#22 Bow & Beanie
Erin Hutton - $35

#23 Pink Felt Flower Headband
Kristin Stegent - $19

#24 Blue Felt Flower Headband
Kristin Stegent - $19

#25 Southern Baby Boutique
Brandi - $20

#26 Baby Cakes Art & Design
The Farmers - $28

#27 Loafers
Kristin Stegent - $22

#28 Maryjanes
Nancy - $45

#29 Blog Makeover
Audrey - $95

When I get all the payments I will add in the final donations and let you know what the final total is. Thank you so much for helping me with Cora's for Calla. I am still amazed with how many people joined me to help with this project. Please continue to pray for Calla and her family as they adjust to being home.

You might not hear from me as much this week! I promised my husband that I wouldn't be glued to the computer after I finished Cora's for Calla. My Mac and I might need a little break from each other. :o)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

birthday & cora's for calla

Yesterday was hard. I think it was even harder than Cora's heavenly anniversary. We just kept thinking of what we should be doing today. Celebrating Cora's two years with us. Buying presents for Cora. Having a fun two year old birthday party. But instead we were going to buy flowers to take to the cemetery. That was not fun. Cora's memorial stone was put in right before Christmas, but we still hadn't gone out to see it. We had drove by to see it from the road, at a distance, but we hadn't actually gone to the cemetery. It was too hard. Too hard to face that stone that had our daughter's name on it. Not that seeing it changes anything. But it is just so hard to actually see your child's name on a memorial stone. So emotional. So final. 

We decided yesterday would be a good day to visit the cemetery. It was finally warm outside and we wouldn't have to tromp through snow to get to it. We picked up some flowers and balloons and tried to be brave. We got there and just wept. We just miss Cora so much. We miss holding her. We miss having her as part of our family day-to-day. We just miss life with her. Levi came along and helped us send two pink balloons up to his sister. Actually, he slept through the whole thing. But we wanted him to be there with us to celebrate his sister's life. 

And we did celebrate Cora. We celebrated the eleven months we had with her. We celebrated how she forever has changed our lives and the lives of so many others. In the afternoon Joel had to go back to work, so my mom and sister came over for a little bit to hang out. Then we spent the evening at my brother's sub-state basketball game. We decided to keep things low-key this year. 

So often on these days I wonder "why" again. Why was loosing Cora part of God's plan for my family. How can something so painful be part of His perfect and good plan? I know I will probably never understand. But it doesn't keep that question from creeping back into my mind. A friend has been reading through the HOPE book too and sent me this reminder of God's sovereignty that I really needed yesterday:

The sovereignty of God is a rock underfoot when the winds blow in our lives. It confronts what seems absurd in our existence. God's sovereignty is our greatest hope as we face an uncertain and unknown future.

"The Lord Almighty has sworn this oath: 'It will all happen as I have planned. It will come about according to my purposes. I have a plan for the whole earth, for my mighty power reaches throughout the world. The Lord Almighty has spoken--who can change his plans? When his hand moves, who can stop him?'" 
Isaiah 14:24, 26-27

So, we made it through the day. Thank you for the many kind comments. There were so many people who remembered Cora's birthday and were praying us through the day and that meant so much. We got cards, e-mails, flowers, and even breakfast from our sweet friends and family. Thank you!


We are wrapping up Cora's for Call today. There are six auctions going on right now. It has been amazing to see all the money raised for Calla this week. I can't wait to tell you all the final numbers. Today will be the last day for auctions and giveaways...ending at midnight tonight. I will try to post all the giveaway winners and more information for the auction winners tomorrow. Then I will get everything in the mail next week!! 

Here are the final giveaways...

One person will receive:
Toddler Dress

Two people will receive:
Felt Flower Clip

Two people will receive:

Giveaway participation is free. Anyone can enter by leaving a comment on this post. As you leave your comment please remember to pray for Calla and her family! Comments will close Thursday at midnight (central standard time). The winners will be randomly selected.

Remember today is the last day for Cora's for Calla. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in supporting Calla and her family. I will be posting all the winners tomorrow!!

auction #29 {blog makeover}

Auction #29

Blog Makeover
The Design Girl

Danielle designed my blog and she does a FABULOUS job. She can do pretty much anything you want! Danielle has also offered to donate $10 from each blog makeover purchase to Cora's for Calla. Just mention "The Macs" or "Cora's for Calla". This offer is good through next Saturday, March 13th. Thanks Danielle!!

Auction Rules:
If you want to bid on this blog makeover...leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).

Don't miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight

auction #28 {maryjanes}

Auction #28
Espresso and Pale Pink - Maryjane
Image from Gracious May

Expresso & Pale Pink Maryjane

Size 2 (3-6 months)

If you are having a little girls you NEED these shoes. I fell in love with these sweet maryjanes when I first saw them on Ashley's blog. I was so excited to see them in real life. They are definitely as cute as they look. Another item to add to my list if we ever have another girl!

Auction Rules:

If you want to bid on these maryjanes...leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).

Don't miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight.

auction #27 {loafers}

Auction #27

R-O-B-O-T Canvas Baby Loafer
R-O-B-O-T Canvas Baby Loafer

Size 2 (3-6 months)

Gracious May has boy shoes too! I was so excited when I opened the box to see these cute loafers for little boys. She even sent a pair for Levi. I can't wait for him to wear them!

Auction Rules:
If you want to bid on these loafers...leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).

Don't miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight.

auction #26 {babycakes art & design}

Auction #26

$50.00 Gift Certificate
Babycakes Art & Design

Auction Rules:
If you want to bid on this gift certificate...leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).

Don't miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight.

auction #25 {southern baby boutique}

Auction #25

$20.00 gift certificate & free shipping

Auction Rules:
If you want to bid on this gift certificate...leave a comment.
You can outbid each other by leaving your amount in your comment.
You have to bid at least a dollar higher than the comment before yours.
The bidding will close Saturday, March 6 at midnight (central standard time).

Don't miss out on the giveaways! Comments will close for the giveaways at midnight tonight.