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Monday, October 20, 2008

leaving on a jet plane...

Goodbye Kansas.  We were off to Houston.  Cora experienced her first plane ride and weekend with the girls.  Traveling with a baby was quite the adventure.  Thankfully my mom and sister were there to help me juggle all the baby "stuff".

The trip started out a little rough as I waited at the ticket counter only to find out that my driver's license had been expired for two months.  Oops!  The lady at the ticket counter said I could still fly, but when I went through security they would have to do a thorough check and go through all of my luggage.  I smiled and said "ok" as I imagined them going through ALL of my stuff and ALL of Cora's stuff that was so carefully packed.  Guess what?  When I went through security they didn't even notice (which is a little scary, but I was very thankful).

I was relieved to finally be on the plane and taking off.  On one of our flights we even had a little room in front of our seats where Cora could play on the floor.  She thought it was great!

We were all worn out from our early morning and airport adventures, but not to tired to hit IKEA first.  My sister had never been to IKEA.  She was so excited.  We had to take a picture to document the important event.

OF COURSE, we brought an empty suitcase along to bring home our precious shopping treasures.  Who wouldn't want to bring home a suitcase full of napkins and candles??

Cora stayed awake almost the whole time we were at IKEA.  She was so tired, but kept holding those little eyelids open.  She finally crashed the last few minutes before we checked out.  She was such a trooper!  Joel was so pleased to find out that she was a born shopper!


Blogger The Veers said...

The pics of Cora on the plane are adorable!! It sounds like she did amazing!

October 20, 2008 at 11:42 AM  

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