The Macs

Saturday, November 22, 2008

he's back

That's right.  Gramps is home and he is doing great.  I can't even tell that he is missing a kidney! This is the bear that he gave me after his surgery.  I really like it!  Thanks again for praying for my grandpa. We are all very excited to see him again!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the noodle lady

On our trip to Denver we got to meet the noodle lady herself.  I know, I can't believe we actually got to meet her!  Actually the "noodle lady" is Moni, my aunt's sister, and she owns Grandma's Noodles.  She is a super-fun lady and let us go on a tour of her noodle factory.

The factory is very simple.  They mix the ingredients (flour, eggs, and water) up there.

The dough gets pressed and stretched.

Cora was wide-eyed in amazement.  She watched the noodles being made with Aunt Rachel.

The noodles go through here and are cut.

They go up the conveyer belt.  Each bucket has the perfect amount.

The noodles are packaged and ready to be boxed and frozen.  This lady feels all the packages and if they don't weigh enough she takes them out.  She can tell just by feeling the bags.

And here she is.  The noodle lady herself.  She was SO kind and sent us home with all these boxes of delicious Grandma's Noodles.

So, when we got home we of course had to try them out.  One of my favorite things to eat at my mother-in-law's house is chicken and noodles (she makes her own homemade noodles).  I called her up to get the recipe and was ready to cook.  I had never boiled a chicken before.  This was a first for me.

And here was our finished product: chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes (a little blurry). So delicious!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This past weekend has made me realize how grateful I am for my family, especially my dad. Sometimes it takes a lot of waiting and thinking to make me stop and look at the many blessings in my life that I am often too busy to see.  

And so here we are in Denver at the hospital waiting and waiting...

...and waiting.  There were about 25 of us in the waiting room as my dad and uncle went in for surgery.  My dad donated his kidney to his brother who has kidney disease and was very close to having to go on dialysis.  

Of course Cora wanted to be there for Gramp's surgery too.  She had lots of attention.  

And she even slept a little too.

My mom and Aunt Lori were anxiously awaiting news from the doctors.  I think it is so sweet how they both have their husband's wedding rings around their necks.

Finally we got the good news and eventually got to visit the recovering patients.  My Uncle David felt better almost immediately after receiving the kidney.  Isn't that amazing??

My dad on the other hand wasn't feeling so hot.  It was great to see him and give him a big hug.

I love this picture.  This was taken on the second day after the surgery.  My dad was feeling pretty horrible, but he mustered up enough energy to give this big cheesy grin.  What a tough daddy!

When I talked to my mom this afternoon both my uncle and dad were getting ready to go "home".  Home will be in Denver for a little while.  My dad will come home to Kansas sometime next week while my uncle will stay in Denver for about three months.  Thanks for all of you who prayed.  We are so grateful!

Monday, November 3, 2008


halloween--part one (the sweet part)

Cora was a cow for Halloween.  We actually didn't do ANYTHING.  We didn't even make it to the pumpkin patch this year.  I am sure that I am more sad about that than Cora is!  Anyway, I had to put Cora in her cow outfit and take some pictures.  Just for fun!

Cora spent the evening at my parents house.  She was their only trick-or-treater.  At least they got to enjoy her cute costume! little cow is on the verge of crawling away.  No crawling yet, but she is getting close!

Would you admit to being related to these two??

Joel and I have been helping with Judgement House at our church the past two weekends. Owen and Joel were both actors in the hell scene.  Acting is not my thing so I helped out with registration.  Judgement House is a walk through drama about your final destination.  It has been awesome to be a part of this ministry and see the Lord working in so many people's lives. If you want to know more about Judgment House click here.  Are you the loving the black lipstick as much as I am?  I hope to not see that face again until next makes me shutter!