The Macs

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

first bite

Cora had her first bites of rice cereal last week. She ate like a pro. Eating has never seemed to be much of a problem for her!

I love this cheeky, goofy grin. Grown-up food here I come!


Twenty-seven. That is how old I am as of last Monday. On my birthday eve my parents hosted a little family party for me. Angel food cake and FAVORITE!

My birthday started out with a pedicure. Oh, so relaxing (sorry no pictures of that)! Next, was lunch with my mom, dad, and sister.

My parents watched Cora for the evening and Joel took me out on a date. We ate outside at a little cafe with live music. It was definitely a "happy" day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

new things

While we were in Colorado, Cora...

...learned how to put her pacifier in her mouth and seemed quite proud of herself. Now, if she could just do it herself in the middle of the night!

...started sitting up all by herself. We have had a few face-plants since then when I wasn't paying attention. to spend lots of time with her daddy (which was the best part)!

this made my day...

As I flipped through the normal junk mail and bills, I was so excited to find this post card from one of my former students. I have had a first day of school ever since kindergarten! I don't miss the stress and busyness that first day brings, but I do miss those sweet little kindergarten faces coming through my door on that first day. School started this week and I am constantly wondering how my teacher-friends and former students are doing this year. I loved hearing from this sweet little girl. Now, back to my new job of being mom...which I LOVE!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

mountain air

There is nothing more refreshing than being in the mountains. We just got back from a vacation in Colorado. It is so beautiful there and the weather was fabulous (it sure beat the 100 degree heat here)!

I love the smell of the pine trees and the sound of the streams.

We spent most of our time at my grandparent's log cabin. It is so peaceful there. Thanks for letting us come!

One day we drove up into the Rocky Mountain National Park. This picture was taken at a lake that we had found on a hike last year.

Overall, this is what Cora thought about her first trip to the mountains!